Now, we’re married, share five fantastic children and two pets, and daydream about a slow and cozy someday life in a tiny house. We’d have all we need and nothing more… coffee, music, and each other (okay WiFi would be cool, too).

For the longest time, we were just Dana and just Joe, but in 2018 we finally met (on Tinder!) and fell in love HARD.

We’re honored to serve you in that way.

Don’t get us wrong, we marvel every single day at the hectic, buzzing, and beautiful life we’re living right now. It’s a calling we don’t take lightly—capturing the lives and stories of people like you. People who value their journey and want to see it transformed into art. You recognize and acknowledge the ups and downs, joys and struggles, and rises and falls that brought you right here, to this moment. 

It’s never been easy, but it’s always felt right. I'm your typical “left-brained” artist, a scattered and curious mind with ADHD leading the charge, full steam ahead. These are descriptors I wear with pride because they elevate my creativity and imagination, but when I finally met Joe, things really started coming together... 

Born and raised right here in Minnesota, I started out as a technical writer but learned quickly that it wouldn’t be my career. In 2007 I stumbled into photography and started to get that feeling. You know the one, where your heart and talents are finally aligned? I uncovered my artistic eye, and decided to dive in the deep end to launch my own business.


(me, dana!)

the one with the camera

Oh, and if you’re intimidated by the tough, stoic exterior, just quiz him about music—any type of music—he can’t be stumped. 

Joe has lived and traveled all over the place, including Ireland (yes, he’s Irish—listen up for the accent!), England, Kansas City, L.A., San Diego, and Fargo. He’s the quiet, hard worker behind the scenes, running every piece of our day-to-day operations. It’s been life-changing to have him along for the ride.

After 32 years in the corporate world of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology (yes, he’s brilliant), Joe came along, and risk-averse as he claims to be, jumped right into my chaotic, artsy world. He is analytical, structured, and organized—everything I’m not.



the one who keeps me moving

let's connect!

But enough about us, tell us about YOU.

We balance each other beautifully and feel that we’re at our best as a business—and as humans—when we’re together. We get fired up by serving other couples, families, and anyone who shares our same zest for life and love.

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